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If you can imagine the sound of the line screaming off your reel, the heart pounding excitement as a world-class freshwater coarse fish launches from the water, you've come to the right place!

BC Canada Fishing Trips: Fraser River Sturgeon - 9ftWelcome to the Fraser River in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, one of the worlds greatest and most productive sport fishing rivers. The Fraser River is the last remaining river in the world to have a healthy wild population of White Sturgeon. The only other two rivers with these fish are the Columbia and Sacramento River in USA, but both are supplemented with a hatchery program. Whether you want a fishing trip to fish for a giant white sturgeon or one of our many salmon species, it's all right here.

Fishing for Sturgeon is very much like fishing for any coarse fish in the UK, BUT everything is much bigger. The fishing rods and reels must be top of the line and able to withstand enormous pressure, plus the line is rated at 1000lb test. We use baited hooks on the bottom just as if you were fishing for a Trench or Pike, except this fish could be over 600lbs, 9 feet long and quite possibly 100 years old (This is a catch and release fishery only, we let these monsters go so we can enjoy them again).

Great River Fishing Adventures provides excellent fishing trips for both Fly Fishers and Casting enthusiasts. Do you want to learn the art of Fly Fishing, or are you an expert looking for that truly unique fishing experience; Great River Fishing Adventures can accommodate all levels. For Casters we provide top of the line equipment and instruction for open faced reels, level wind and center pin. Want to try out a certain type, our trips are the time to experience it.

We are located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, 60 minutes from Vancouver, British Columbia and only 20 minutes from the USA border.

Here, the unparalleled beauty of the scenic surroundings totally enhances your fishing experience. Our licensed professional guides are skilled and knowledgeable on five local rivers, providing you with a safe, exciting excursion that you will remember for a lifetime!

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